@TheArtOfCrypto shout-out to AOC for putting such an amazing discord group for us to learn. My brain is fried from re reading your encyclopedia and videos but it's more knowledge than I will ever find on my own this is so worth it and you're helping me become a smarter and educated trader. I'm a bit shy on asking questions bc I want to learn and ask about what I learned instead of just asking for the answer. Bear with me as I keep learning and I will def be on the channel so much more :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: :call_me::call_me::sunglasses:

I really appreciate the collective education going on in this group and AOC is crushing the ticker with calls.

I’ve been real busy with my main job but this group has been a lifesaver to keep me up to speed on the space. I’m up 106% on my calls, I’ve been practicing good habits to pull out profits, and there’s a good chance I’m going to double my annual salary in the next month or so. I know we’re in a bull run so times are good, but I have faith that this group is going to navigate the bear when that time does come.

Blair Robertson
Paid my membership off in the first day with a brilliant call on a breakout trade and increased my spot portfolio by 5%. Great community and leadership from AOC.

I made enough profits from the calls in here yesterday to pay for my subscription for awhile.

Ridge T.
Appreciate all that AOC is doing to build a trusting and forgiving environment where traders can learn and grow together. He puts 110% in teaching and instilling the right mindset in trading instead of promising a Lamborghini from the get go. Glad to be an early adopter

Personally, I'm getting loads of good info from this channel. The sniper entries are probably the most useful info especially for someone like me with a full time job. Don't really have time to go through all the charts so I just plug in the entries and wait for orders to get filled.

Just joined few days ago, still learning the basics, the learning materials are all organized clearly. @TheArtOfCrypto not only give accurate signals but also encourage and help us learn all the necessary skills. The community is very nice too. :thumbsup:

Old Man Viper
Your dedication to your students is unmatched. Love it.



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